The liner is dry with some damage. After extensive imports from South America, particularly Argentina, the German government began producing ersatz Pickelhauben made of other materials. Sides have openings for the ear section.

The paint and decal are very good. These German helmets typically are black in color with a Police decal on the left side and the National party decal on the right side. This is a good looking helmet priced to not make your wife too mad, but just to be sure we won't tell her.

German War Helmet
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Dating german helmets By the perfect buco mtb rally ride. The German soldiers would stick branches and foliage down into the chicken wire. The German helmets found with Winter Camouflage are rare and are highly desirable in the collecting community. The placement of the decal is also on the left side of the German helmet.

Kriegsmarine German Navy Decal. While the hobby has growing popularity the value of the items has increased. In Front line combat, many fought with valor.

This was the birth of the M helmet. The data provided here will help you do both. Lenis judith feeds, the corduroy, exclusive dating meaning she il buco. One side has a single Luftwaffe decal.


Below is a good example of the half basket chicken wire German helmet and you can learn more about this helmet by clicking on the picture below. It has nice paint and decal. It's all original with a nice liner and strap. The strap is a bit weak, with the tip missing. Rare vintage hot rod racing helmet full face helmet shield visor motorcycle helmet.

Retains the original dark brown leather liner. It's the best value for a real one on the web. As the war progressed, Germany's leather stockpiles dwindled.

The finish is good but worn on top. This type is correct with or without a decal, so in other words, it never had a decal. Some of the strap is still there, free lifetime hook up delete but also dry and weak.

This is a great looking all original and untouched helmet. Due to cost and efficiency reasonf the M helmet was stamped of a single sheet of metal without the rolling of the edges. The factory green finish was field painted over in an olive camo paint. Following the German elections the Nazi Party came to power and began to abrogate the treaty.

Perhaps they were rebuilt after the war, but why? The party decal is characterized by the red shield with the canted swastika and white circle. The leather liner is excellent and very solid. This explains the lack of decals on many M's that have survived. Other than the lack of the rolled edge, top 5 successful the M was identical to the M helmet.


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The new style of helmets provided alot more protection to the neck section. Primary Menu Warsaw Local. Some versions of the Pickelhaube worn by German artillery units employed a ball-shaped finial rather than the pointed spike. It has excellent paint and decal.

The liner is very good, but the straps are missing. The paint is still a nice flat German Army green. Liner and shell were integrated again. The paint is very good with an excellent decal.

It's a really good example of a Luftwaffe combat helmet which will display very well. The Luftschutz German helmets can also be found in the beaded combat style. Multi-hole ventilation displayed on each side. The following data helps the military enthusiast identify the type of French military helmet collectible at hand and its present market value. It has original excellent paint.

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  • Buco helmets is this website, you'll see how fast shipping.
  • This helmet was replaced in by the M helmet.
  • If a helmet lacks the manufacturer stamp, it may be a Post War German helmet or a reproduction.

German Helmet Identification and Price Guide

Leather construction with ear flaps. The combat helmets were of stronger build. The right cockade, the national cockade, was red, black and white. The paint is good, but shows honest age an use.

WW2 German Helmets

Some M's had decals on both sides. That is rare and you will note that these normally come from the Quist Firm. Large silver star placed in front. Decal also found inside neck area. The liner is excellent as is the cool heavy duty chinstrap which is rarely encountered.

The year saw the birth of the next generation of American combat helmets. You can occasionally find M German helmets in double decal configuration. Yes, I did add the chinstrap, which was missing. The string is something post-war.

These shortcomings, combined with material shortages, led to the introduction of the simplified model helmet described above, with a detachable spike. Of all the German camouflaged helmets, this is perhaps one of the hardest to find. The German helmets worn by the Afrika Korps have been found in a number of shades of tan. The liner is very good with an eagle M Navy property stamp in the leather. The edge of the M is flared a bit and the edge is an unfinished edge.

Dating buco helmets - Warsaw Local
Military Helmet Identification and Price Guide
  1. The wire should be zinc galvanized and should show some oxidation and some marriage with the surface of the helmet.
  2. Date of american motorcycling that is a creepy way back to.
  3. The liner is correct with the stamp in the leather.
  4. Don't let your desire for one cloud your judgment.

Somebody took a shell and painted it in a camouflage mottiff with a large skull in the front. The main difference between the M and the M is in the air vent holes. The chinstrap is excellent. They could also just one base coat of Tan. It's a good looking example which will display very well.

They are a number of variants of the Combat police decal. Early versions had a high crown, but the height gradually was reduced and the helmet became more fitted in form, in a continuing process of weight-reduction and cost-saving. The leather liner and chinstrap are really nice and still a natural color.

Original WW II German Helmets & Militaria

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